AIDS in Christian Science

a study of the healing of AIDS

by Rolf A. F Witzsche


A Process Without Formulas



Christian Science healing is not a process that works be formula. It is a scientific process that corrects erroneous thinking and is as wide as the scene of human errors. Christian Science healing is a process that eradicates errors that are manifested as disease. However, at the end of the road of recovery from erroneous thinking lies the singularity of divine Truth, the All-ness of God, and man's One-ness with God. The mental journey for getting to this end-point is a process of discovery. Christian Science has been designed to aid us in this process of discovery. As a matter of fact, Mary Baker Eddy has provided a large pedagogical structure for this purpose that begins gently, but unfolds with a complexity that can never be exhausted. (See Mary Baker Eddy's pedagogical structures )

However, let us first focus on some fundamental aspects that are relevant to AIDS before the pedagogical structures become useful. One of these is the All-ness of God, divine Truth.

Mary Baker Eddy has pointed out in her book, Unity of Good, that God can have no knowledge of disease. Divine Mind is conscious of Truth. 

It is a scientific impossibility for God, Mind, to be conscious of the opposite of Truth which does not exist in reality. Infinite Mind is therefore incapable of 'knowing' error, and consequently incapable of 'knowing' disease. Mary Baker Eddy adds, that if infinite Mind were capable of 'knowing' error, the manifestation of this 'false knowledge' would reduce the universe to chaos.

Well, is this not precisely the bind that we find ourselves in when confronted with disease, such as AIDS? Our world has been reduced to chaos. This, however, has not been done by God, but by our own 'knowing' of errors that have no reality, and by our 'knowing' of disease in that context. 

Here Christ Jesus tells us, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Is he not telling us that in order to be healed, we need to utilize the intelligent process that God has established, which is to know only the truth.

Our problem, therefore, is not an easy one. We have to rescue ourselves from a chaos that God knows nothing about, in a process of knowing the truth that we not fully understand, even as profoundly as God does know this truth (His Truth, divine Truth). 

So, how do we do this? How do we get to know something that we don't yet know? How do we correct an error in our thinking, when we don't know what the error is? 

Formulas are quite useless here. Even absolute statements, such as Mary Baker Eddy's "Scientific statement of being," give us only the goal that we aim for. Absolute statements define for us the truth that we want to know, but to get there, to embrace that truth in consciousness in the midst of confusion and chaos is quite another story. 

Whoever had to deal with a clogged up kitchen sink will know that countless things can clog up the works. That applies to thinking as well. We know that we want to have the drain running freely; we also know that clogs are not a part of the design of the system. With that knowledge in mind we get our tools out and explore the channels that have become clogged up, to find out what got stuck in them.

May Baker Eddy pointed out that a Christian Science treatment does this. She defined this treatment as a process of being absolutely conscious of the perfection of all being. We arrive at this process in thinking when we get the clogs out which come is so many shapes that simple formulas simply don't work. These clogs may be called small-minded thinking, or erroneous thinking focused on finity, even death. AIDS reflects all of these symptoms. AIDS is often described as a process of a slow death in which life gradually fades away. 

If that is the symptom associated with AIDS, let us explore what kind of thinking we must be talking about, which produces this symptom in which life gradually fades away.

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