AIDS in Christian Science

a study of healing of AIDS

by Rolf A. F Witzsche



The mental background behind AIDS


Let us step back a bit and explore what kind of mentality we can detect that is reflected in the train of history that stands behind the AIDS issue. Where did this disease come from? 

We know for instance that it erupted in Africa in 1981 and quickly spread around the world. But did it really start there? 

No it didn't, not really. The whole development process that produced AIDS appears to have begun in the mid 1950s when the hyped up world-depopulation campaign, when the focus of death as a friend was put into high gear. You may perhaps remember some of those times when it was said that "the earth has cancer, and that cancer is man," and to cure this cancer means to destroy a large part of humanity. 

The world has seen four major international conferences launched, all focused on human depopulation, beginning in Rome in 1954, then held in Belgrade in 1965, then in Bucharest in 1974, and finally in Cairo in 1994. Each conference represents a significant milestone in the ratcheting downwards the image of man to ever lower levels of worth or liability, to the point of being called a disease.

The first official presentation of a global depopulation policy occurred 1969 with the founding of the "Club of Rome" by officials of NATO and the Travistock Institute of British Intelligence. The club was founded to promote the "no-growth" (genocidal) Malthusian ideology which later became known as the "post-industrial society" program. In 1972, three years after its founding, the Club of Rome published its infamous "Limits to Growth" doctrine which demanded the immediate termination of industrial development throughout the Third Word.

"The Limits to Growth" book, based on this doctrine, turned out to be a fraudulent document. It was later admitted by one of the club's own directors to have been based on a fraudulent computer study. Nevertheless, the publication of the book was hailed as a necessary "shock treatment" of all of the world's governments that were still committed to the principle of technological progress which stood in the way of the advance of poverty. Then, on Aug 26, 1974, during the first U.N. sponsored International Conference on Population in Bucharest Romania, the the Club of Rome's population reduction program was introduced and formally accepted. 1974 was also the year when the Club of Rome introduced its "Mankind at the Turning Point" declaration which said: "The World has Cancer, and the Cancer is Man." 

This grinding down towards radical depopulation by policy, created the policy atmosphere in which Henry Kissinger prepared his most infamous document, the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (MSSN200), which states that Third World population growth is a threat to U.S. control of raw materials. The document cites 13 developing nations as recommended depopulation targets for the U.S. government. Henry Kissinger's policy for selective depopulation by overt means was formally adopted in 1975. Henry Kissinger warned, however, at this time, that the imperial reason behind the U.S. population reduction efforts must be strictly concealed.

AIDS emerged in full force, at which time it was regarded as a new disease, in the 1980/81 time-frame. Both HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections became endemic at this time although traces of HIV infection can be found as far back as the 1950s. HIV-1 is believed to have its origin in the mutation of a chimpanzee virus in Central Africa, while HIV-2 is believed to have come from the sooty mangabey monkey of West Africa. It is possible that HIV infections have occurred also prior to the 1950s and that the detection of this occurrence is prevented by the lack of available technologies.
More on AIDS and the depopulation policy

 Still, the existence of some early traces of HIV infection does not readily explain the explosive outbreak of the infection in the 1980/81 time-frame, and its immediate spread to almost every country on the planet. The possibility, therefore, remains in the background that the outbreak might have been engineered by one of the many strongly motivated depopulation advocates who possessed the resources to do so, although no evidence exists to support this claim. To date, upwards to fifty million people have died of AIDS world-wide, eight times as many as have perished in Hitler's holocaust. Of those who have died of the disease, more than 70% have died in Africa which happens to be one of the main targets on the depopulation agenda.

This depopulation insanity became intertwined with the deindustrialization drive that was officially started around this time by the world's financial oligarchy that has been playing with the idea of depopulation ever since the late 1700s, when the Venetian monk Giamaria Ortes defined man as an animal that is destined to ruin the earth as it would over-graze the earth, as the doctrine implies, must therefore must be culled, as livestock herds are culled. 

The grossly distorted image of man that Ortes had conjured up for his maters was carried forward (plagiarized) by parson Thomas Malthus of the British East India Company, whose influence gave rise to the British Poor Laws and the Workhouses in which the poor were worked to death. Thomas Malthus' discovery was quickly further advanced by Charles Darwin who laid the 'scientific' foundation for modern racism, and finally by his cousin Francis Galton, who invented the Eugenics theory under which the "unwanted" classes were mass-sterilized, or entire populations were simply eliminated by policy as in the case of Hitler's genocide of over six million people whom he called "useless eaters."

In parallel with is despicable degradation of the image of man, unfolded the beast-man ideology centered around the Lyon Martinist Lodge that ran the Jacobin Terror operation. The beast-man ideology was later carried forward by Napoleon, and in more modern times by Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Nietzsche, the engineers of the Nazi ideology of Hitler, carried forward again by Leo Strauss, etc., into our present time where we find countless disciples, some in high places, and large parts of society having become infected by fascist ideologies. 

At every step along the way of this road of degeneration the image of man, of human life itself, became defaced more and more until it was finally came to be called a cancer on the face of the earth. The infamous Global 2000 report of the President Carter era came out of this background, out of the sludge of the sewer so to speak, and so did the equally infamous 1974 NSSM200 that became a part of U.S. policy beginning in 1975.

NSSM200 is a 120 page document that calls for measures to reduce third world populations, especially in Africa, in order that the natural resources on these continents will not be used up by the populations living in these areas, which the U.S. might require in future ages for its own use for which they must be preserved. The murderous consequences that become 'necessary' to achieve the population reduction of the targeted nations and continents are easily achieved by imposing poverty. Poverty is the most efficient mass killer that can be devised. This artificially created poverty, in turn, is easily 'achieved' by means of financial looting and by preventing economic development. That is the historic background out of which AIDS erupted.

While much has been said about AIDS having been created in some laboratory, I have not seen any convincing evidence that this has been the case. The timeline however, links the emergence if AIDS with the progressively greater destruction of the image of man. 

Six years after NSSM200 became official 'policy,' AIDS emerged from this background and from precisely the key target area of the depopulation policy.

So what happened? During all of the years leading up to this point, the light of life was literally being drained out of the generally accepted image of humanity. This tragically destructive mental process is indeed what we see reflected in the disease of AIDS, itself, where a person's light of life gradually evaporates. Thus, the mental cause and the resulting physical effect, match perfectly.

Consequently, in order to reverse the tragic process that has drained the light of life out of the image of man, we need to reverse what feeds that process. We have to take the entire concert of lies that has been created over time about the nature of man, back to its source, to the most fundamental lie, and replace it with the truth. The truth is, man is not a biological animal, but the image of God, the expression divine Spirit.

We cannot treat AIDS like any other biological disease in scientific mental healing, and ignore the mental horror that it represents. It is the symptom of a civilizational disease. Sure, it has a biological vector and a sexual vector, but these are minute when compared to the moral and spiritual vector where the root of the disease goes deeper than in any other area. This means that we have to focus onto three domains simultaneously, with the spiritual domain having been blacked more extensively that any other by the destruction of the image of man.

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